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  • Nose studs, one of the standards in nose piercings

    The nose stud goes right along with the nose bone, the nose screw and the nose ring. They are all well known and often worn nose piercings. But some extra information is always welcome so therefore a short blog about the nose stud.   The nose stud versus the nose bone piercing   The nose stud piercing is very similar to the nose bone piercing. There is a small difference but when it comes the comfort and placing and removing the piercing it becomes quite significant. Which one is 'better' shall differ from person to person and is strongly based on personal preference.   The nose stud consists of an all smooth bar that slides easily in and out your nostril. It is the most 'basic' in design Read more
  • Tongue piercing: the standard sizes

    The tongue piercing is a classic piercing, that you can actually find everywhere. The tongue piercing is in contrast to other piercings more difficult to see and partly due to that widely accepted in society. In the same moment the tongue piercing has a sexual and by this challenging character. That’s special, because there are not many piercings over which the same can be said. The standard size of your tongue piercing A tongue piercing is actually always 16 mm long and 1.6 mm thick. The tongue piercing is also one of the few piercings where such an unambiguous standard can be named. Why is that the standard size of a tongue piercing? If there is a piercing where you can speak of a real s Read more
  • Snake bites the double lip piercing

    Lip piercings, they are very popular amongst women. But when the lip gets pierced double it suddenly also becomes acceptable amongst men. This 'double labret' piercing has a very rebellious character and makes a clear statement. That is way the double lip piercings are mostly worn by those who have a strong appeal towards body modification. In this blog the snake bites piercing, rebellious, a bit dark but sexy as hell.   Snake bites, labrets or circular barbells?   The snake bites are placed below the lower lip well before the corner of the mouth. It is important that you choose an experienced piercer for the snake bites because symmetry is very important. The name comes obviously from the Read more
  • Belly bars, lengthening your belly button piercing

    The belly button piercing is probably the most popular piercing there is in the western world. Its immense popularity and the fact that it makes a lot of women feel rebellious and sexy ensures its top position. The belly button piercing is also considered easy to work with in comparison to other more complex piercings. The standard size of 10 mm's in length is for most women perfect. But there is group who are just as enthusiast as the rest but for whom the 10 mm's in length isn't adequate. For those women; don't worry, all you need to do is replace the belly bars. Replaceable belly bars   Belly button piercings can be divided into two categories. Ones that have an interchangeable bar an Read more
  • Circular barbell: the standard sizes

    The circular barbell is a very varied piercing, that can be worn on many different places of the body. However you see the circular barbell, despite his many possibilities, only rarely. Therefore here a blog over the standard measures of the circular barbell. The standard sizes of the circular barbell It’s difficult to give the circular barbell a real standard size. It can be worn in different places and in stretched piercing holes. However there is seldom made use of this and the measure resembles most of the time the “normal” thickness. It lies between 1.2 and 1.6 mm. The length then grows from 8 to 10 or 12 mm. The circular barbell, lots of different possibilities The circular barbe Read more

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