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  • Plugs and tunnels: The standard size

    Plugs and tunnels, for many years they are a fountain of pleasure for many people. Quite logical, because there aren’t that many piercing types that keep you ‘engaged’ for such a long time. We are talking about stretching of course. Because there is actually no maximal size for stretching the earlobe, the question that arises is “what is the standard size for a plug and a tunnel?” The standard size of a plug or a tunnel Everyone with a bit of knowledge about plugs and tunnels comes quickly to the conclusion, that it is difficult to name a “standard” size for tunnels and plugs. But there is still something to tell about possible sizes of these piercings. The first step of stretc Read more
  • Cartilage piercings, set, not shot

    The cartilage piercing, officially it can be placed anywhere on the body as long as it goes through cartilage. In reality, this is mostly restricted to the nose and ear piercings. By far most people mean an ear piercing when they refer to a cartilage piercing. Although it's a very outdated practice there are still places where you can 'shoot' a cartilage piercing rather than have one set with a needle. Cartilage piercings, always set, never shot You might know the 'eargun' when you have an earring. It shoots an earring right through your earlobe with quite the amount of force. Back in the day this eargun was also regularly used to shoot cartilage piercings such as the helix or the tragus pie Read more
  • Fake piercings: the standard size

    Fake piercings are ideal to see how you would look with a piercing, to wear something for one event or as an alternative if for example your parents don’t allow you to wear a piercing yet. Using a fake piercing for checking if its suits you can be quite useful. A piercing is a big responsibility if you look at its care and a fake piercing is a perfect way to see if it’s worth the trouble. The standard measure of fake piercings Fake piercings come in two types. One uses an ear piercing, the other type doesn’t need a  piercing at all. Fake piercings like fake plugs and tapers need an ear piercing to be worn. Ear piercings usually have a thickness of 0.8 or 1.2 mm. The fake piercings tha Read more
  • A tongue piercing and your teeth

    The tongue piercing is a very popular piercing worn by both women and men. Not that crazy since the tongue piercing is quite easy to hide, it carries a certain amount of rebelliousness and it has a strong sex appeal. But the tongue piercing is also often negatively viewed with erosion on the teeth as the main point of discussion. But to what extent is this true? Tongue piercing position As with most piercings, the position of the tongue piercing is very important. Not only concerning the visibility of the piercing but also when it comes down to your teeth. When a tongue piercing is placed relatively to the front the tongue piercing is more likely to touch your front teeth. This constant 'tic Read more
  • Industrial barbell: The standard size

    The industrial barbell is a special piercing, that often has to go up against the Helix and Tragus piercing concerning popularity. The industrial barbell is a big ear piercing that has a strong character. It is big, and it is long. But how long is a standard industrial barbell? The standard measure of the industrial barbell The industrial barbell is a special piercing because it is one of the few piercings that uses two piercing holes. An industrial barbell can be placed horizontally or vertically, but you see, that most people decide for the horizontal version at the top of the ear. Because every ear is different, the room between the two piercing holes differs from person to person. There Read more

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