All the different types of lip piercings

The lip piercing is a piercing worn both by men and women, this is not surprising since there are so many ways to wear a lip piercing. In fact there are endless options in and around the mouth for a decorative piercing. Some additional information about the most common types of lip piercings won’t hurt!

Common lip piercings


Probably the best-known lip piercing there is, is named after Marilyn Monroe’s infamous beauty spot! It sits on the upper left-hand side of the upper lip. You should almost always wear a labret for this kind of piercing.


This is the same at the Monroe however places on the right hand side of the upper lip, again this is almost always worn with a labret.


Medusa is exactly in the middle and lies above the lip. This can be worn with a labret but also a sometimes worn with a ball closure ring and/or a circular barbell.


Although ‘Labret’ is actually the name of the jewellery piece itself, it is also the location of the piercing opposite of the Medusa which sits in the middle under the lip. It is worn with a labret, ball closure ring and/or circular barbell.

Vertical Labret

Vertical labret resembles the ordinary labret however pierced in two places. One below the lower lip and the other goes through the lower lip. A labret can not be used because the piercing requires a curvature. For example a curved barbell (for example an eye brow piercing)


This is he same as a vertical labret but is on the upper lip instead, and again can be worn by the same kind of piercings.


The Dahlia is located just outside the corners of  the mouth and can be worn by  a labret, ball closure rings and a circular barbell. This type of piercing is often done in pairs which gives the illusion of ‘bites’!

The 'bites'

There are also other types of piercings that sit around the mouth, the ‘bites’ is a generic term but can also be referred to as 'nake bites piercing' or 'angel bites' and 'spider bites'.

A 'bite' consists of at least two piercings which are usually mirrored and placed apart.

Endless choice!

As mentioned earlier the skin around your mouth has endless amount of choices for piercings. On this site, you can find information about all the types of piercings!

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