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Twister Piercing

The twister piercing is a relatively unknown piercing and is worn surprisingly little. Probably because a lot of people do not know about its existence or where to wear them. A shame as the twister piercing can be worn in a lot of places. Because the twister piercing is so rare, also makes that if offers an easy way to wear something unique.

Twister body jewellery, where to wear?

The twister piercing is a very widely applicable piece of body jewellery that could be worn almost anywhere. The only thing you need to keep in mind for placement is that it goes fully round with a slight twist.

So, where to wear a twister piercing? The helix is one the more popular places. Thanks to its ‘twist’ the twister piercing falls nicely around the edge of the ear. Whether worn with spikes or with balls, both create stunning body jewellery.
Another popular place is the lip, as long as the piercing gap isn’t placed too low. If you can get a ball closure ring or circular barbell to fit, you will also be able to place a twister piercing. Spikes aren’t recommended as they might pinch your lip. Not life threathening but very annoying.
The belly button is also a very comfortable place for a twister piercing. Especially because the twister has a more subtle and easy design than other belly rings. It offers you an easy and subtle way to distinguish yourself in your choice of body jewellery.

Besides these three the twister piercings is also often found in the nose, eyebrow or nipple. As we mentioned above, the twister piercing is a piece of body jewelry suited for most parts of the body.


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