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For a segment ring, the size depends on the place of your body where you want to wear the segment ring.

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How does a segment ring work?

The segment of a segment ring should be either placed in the ring or removed from the ring.

This might be a little difficult, as the ring should be 'opened' in order to do this.


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8 Item(s)

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Segment Ring

The segment ring isn’t a very popular piece of body jewellery, which is a pity since the segment ring can be worn in a lot of places. It’s smooth finish and sleek look makes it a very widely applicable piercing.

The segment ring piercing

The segment ring piercing is a very easy and subtle piece of body jewellery. The segment ring consists of two parts. The biggest part of the segment ring has two hollow endings. The smaller part of the segment ring has two protruding endings which fit in the hollow endings.
Once assembled you’ll get a fully smooth and sleek ring, which explains why the segment ring is sometimes referred to as ‘smooth segment ring’. Thanks to its smoothness you can turn the piercing fully round. A segment ring will never have any other decorations as you might find on other piercings, except for a color.

A segment ring is defenitely worth a second thought. Besides their affordable prices, they’re also very comfortable to wear, and you won't be bothered if turns around when wearing. Because this body jewellery is so subtle it isn’t as blatant as other piercings can be. Piercing Mania has a limited range of available segment rings, rather logicall as there isn’t that much possible concerning design, except coloring. The titanium plated segment ring is tough and will keep it’s color for a long time. If you treat it properly and dont scratch it you can also wear it with a nickel allergy.  

The segment ring thanks its name to its design, the two parts. The smallest part is called a segment, to which the segment rings thanks its name.

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