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The right size for a Retainer

Retainers come in different kinds. Find a retainer that looks the most like the retainer you are wearing.

You can use the same size as your current piercing or just one size larger.

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About Retainers

Where is a Retainer used for?

Retainers are used for short periods of time to wear in places where you cannot/may not wear a piercing.

For example when visiting a hospital, a retainer prevents your piercing hole from closing.


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Piercing Retainers

Piercing retainers are small piercing bars made of see-through acrylic which you wear in your piercing gap when you won't or can't wear your actual piercing. You'll prevent your piercing gap from healing shut and you'll simultaneously camouflage the fact that you have a piercing because they are so poorly visible.

Body jewellery retainers, what are they?

It happens regularly that there is a reason to not wear your body jewellery. For example on the work floor where they aren't allowed, for social situations where they aren't considered decent or when you simply just don't want to wear a piercing.
To prevent your piercing gap from healing shut, you use piercing retainers. They are poorly visible thanks to their see-through acrylic and they assure you that you can switch back to your regular piercing when you want to.

Piercing retainers come in different types. The nose, labret and belly button piercing each have their own specific design to make sure that they are comfortable to wear. The 'Retainer with O-ring' is available in a wide range of thicknesses and lengths which makes them compatible with a lot of different piercing locations. 
Their length can be cut off to any desired length which makes them widely applicable. You should keep in mind that they need their o-ring to keep them in their place. That also applies to those who wish to use piercing retainers with an o-ring for their tongue piercing, the o-ring might get loose when worn in the mouth.  

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