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The right thickness for a Fake Piercing

Fake piercings witha bar are almost always meant to be used with a earring hole.

Earring holes are most of the time around 0.8 mm or 1.0 mm thick.
Holes from 1.2 mm and above are for piercings.

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Fake piercings

Fake piercings are a neat alternative for regular piercings. Actual body piercing can be scary. Because you're a parent, afraid of needles or think that a piercing is too 'permanent'. Then there are those who would like to get a piercing but don't know whether it suits them. Fake piercings offer the solution to all these problems.

Fake piercings for the ear

A lot of fake piercings are meant for the earlobe, all you need is a pierced earlobe/regular earring. With that, you can imitate a plug for example. Let's be fair, a true piercing fanatic will know that you haven't actually stretched your earlobe. But still, fake piercings give a cool impression of how a real plug would look on you, and they are simultaneously unique earrings.

The same goes for fake stretchers and fake spiral tapers. Their shape makes them look a lot realer than fake plugs and give an even better impression how a stretcher or taper would look. 

Fake piercings as 'clip on'

Fake piercings for the ear are also available in fake 'clip on' versions. These 'piercings' require nothing at all and can be worn by anybody.

You simply 'fold' them around your lip, nose or nipple and they create the impression of a real piercing. In reality, they simply clamp themselves in place. The fun part about these fake piercings you can 'clip on' is that they sometimes really look like the real deal.

The same principle applies for helix rings. These are specifically meant for the edge of the ear. Although they don't necessary look like real helix piercings. (Real helix piercings are hardly ever in a ring shape.) These rings are easy to place and can be a cool addition to your earrings. This without the need for a single pierced body part.

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