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In order to prevent unpleasant consequences like a blow out or scars, be careful when stretching and always use the right products.

Wait around 6 to 8 weeks in order to heal your ears.


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Stretcher en Taper

A stretcher or taper is used to stretch the ear to be able to wear a plug or tunnel. The last few years stretching has strongly increased in popularity, that wouldn’t have been possible without the ear stretcher. Where the stretcher and taper were firstly seen as a tool for stretching it managed to become a piece of stunning jewellery as well.

Ear stretchers and tapers in different types

Ear stretchers and taper come in no less than five different types. They all have one thing in common, they are all ascending in thickness. Therefore, it is important to know that all stretchers and tapers are measured at their thickest point. 

The fully straight ear stretcher is by far the most used piercing to stretch the ear, which explains its name. You should be aware that not all materials are suited for stretching. Stretching with organic materials, for one, is definitely not recommended.
The curve taper is rather similar to the stretcher except for a small curvature at the bottom. Because of its curve it is less suited for stretching than a straight stretcher.  
The buffalo taper is a fully curved taper that looks like the horns of a bull. Due to its strong curve it isn’t recommended to be used for stretching.
The spiral taper has an even stronger curve creating a spiral. Thanks to its strong curvature this taper doesn't need any o-rings the keep the ear taper in place. Just like the buffalo taper the spiral taper is unsuited for stretching.
The stirrup hanger is a bit of a misfit of these five, they're quite different. Stirrup hangers are often very striking in their design and big in size compared to the others. A stirrup hanger isn't meant for stretching and could perhaps best be seen as an extravagant earring that requires stretched ears.

If you require more information about stretching or ear stretchers, consult our blog.

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