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Plugs and Tunnels

Ear plugs and tunnels for stretched earlobes has strongly increased over the last few years. Even though the plug and the tunnel are often mentioned as being more or less the same, they are two very different piercing types. The difference might mostly be in appearance but that doesn't mean it isn't important.

Ear plugs and tunnels, what's the difference?

At first thought, ear tunnels and ear plugs might seem obvious and simple to distinguish. A tunnel is open which allows you to see through it, a plug doesn't allow that. But with the huge amount of different designs there are also a lot of ear piercings that are solid, but with a tiny hole through them. How do you classify such piercings, as a tunnel or plug?

Such examples could lead to never ending discussions which is why Piercing Mania decided to use a clear separation rule; An ear plug is fully solid, no exceptions. As soon as it has the slightest opening it will be classified as an ear tunnel.

Ear tunnels en plugs in four different types

There are four different kinds of ear plugs and tunnels. The no flare, the single flare, the double flare and the screw fit. You might also have encountered the term saddle fit somewhere else. Piercing Mania classifies them the same as double flared because they are practically the same.

The no flare plug or tunnel has no raised edges and is kept in place by two o-rings. They can be slid in the earlobe without the need for any flexibility from the ear.
The single flared plug or tunnel has one raised edge, mostly placed on the front. Therefore, the plug or tunnel only requires one o-ring at the backside to prevent the plug from falling out.
The double flared plug or tunnel is kept in place by two raised edges. In order to place a double flared plug, you'll need to press one of those edges through the earlobe which requires certain flexibility from the earlobe. That's why double flared tunnels or plugs shouldn't be placed in earlobes that haven't fully recovered from their last stretch.
Lastly, the screw fit tunnel or plug which looks like a double flared plug or tunnel but isn't. One of the edges can be screwed off which allows it to be placed as if it where a single flared plug. That makes them suited for not yet fully recovered earlobes while having the look of a double flared plug or tunnel.

If you would like to access more excessive information about stretching, ear plug or ear tunnels you should consult our blog.

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