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Dermals are usually 1.6 mm thick, but sometimes 1.2 mm thick. Al our dermal tops are 1.6 mm.

This link below contains a converter that enables you to use a 1.6 mm dermal top in your 1.2 mm dermal.

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The dermal piercing is the smallest piercing there is. With only a small ball visible the dermal can be placed anywhere on the body. So it's not very surprising that the dermal piercings have started to increase in popularity. 

Dermal piercing provides opportunities

A dermal piercing can be placed anywhere on the body. This means that the dermal piercing has a lot of possibilities. You can use multiple dermal piercings to create an image of a figure, or you can use dermal piercings to give a tattoo a finishing touch. 

Besides, a dermal top is easy to place and remove. Just unscrew the old one, and screw on the new one, as simple as that. There a lot of different dermal tops available with each their own look. That's how you can easily update your piercing, by simply switching color for example. 

You should take note that a dermal top and it's anchor should have the same screw thread. Dermal tops from Piercing Mania are all meant for 1.6 mm internally threaded anchors. Do you have a different type of dermal anchor? No problem, by using a dermal converter you can easily adjust screw threads. Or you could use converters so you'll be able to use other balls. The dermal piercing offers a lot of possibilities. 

Dermal anchors

The dermal anchor is a small disk only a few millimeters in size and is placed beneath the skin. By placing the disk in between two layers of skin, the skin will heal shut holding the anchor firmly in place. It is important that a dermal anchor is placed in between the subcutaneous tissue and the dermis. 

Getting a dermal anchor in place is a very precise job which can't be performed by just any piercer. If you plan on getting a dermal piercing make sure you get a piercer with some experience concerning dermal piercings. 

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