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Barbell Piercing

The barbell piercing is a very versatile piercing that can be worn on several places. The name barbell can be interpreted as 'straight bar' and is a collective noun for all straight body jewellery. The name barbell can also be compared with dumbells which have a straight bar with a ball on both ends. 

Barbell piercings

When looking for a new barbell piercing there are a lot of pierced places where you could wear one. The barbell is mostly used as a tongue piercing, nipple piercing and as an ear piercing. You could say that all body jewellery with straight bars are barbells, but that wouldn't make the search any easier. That's why Piercing Mania tried to keep a bit simpler. 

The piercings you find in the category barbells are all the piercings with a straight bar that can be used for multiple places on your body. These are piercings that can be worn as a tongue piercing, nipple piercing and ear piercing. Besides these, you'll also find the occasional industrial barbells and surface barbells. 

It is important to know that not all barbells that have tongue piercing sizes should be worn as a tongue piercing. This because some piercings have a coating that isn't resistant against saliva. The same goes for gold plated piercings and/or piercings with small crystals that could get loose. That's why suited barbells have an indication that they can be worn as a tongue piercing. 

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